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Jan 17, 2022

Before you get involved in online volleyball betting, it is important that you should consider various styles and strategies of betting on volleyball, that actually vary and also those are popular and renowned among bettors.

  1. First Style – “Total under”

Here you need to bet on the totals, like total under the 45.5 points for making a set.

In this kind of the volleyball betting strategy, you need to take the matches of women’s volleyball; also the stakes will be in the live mode. Now, the question here is that why women? The fact is mainly as per the statistics in usually 90% of the meetings of women, at least one set will end with about TU 45.5 points. For the volleyball of men, this percentage is actually lower.


  1. Second Style – Schukin’s strategy

The Schukin’s strategy is most suitable for any of the live meetings, but here we will be going to bet online not just on the total available points, but also on the victory of the teams that is in the set. Also, to work on such kind of the strategy, we should choose the match that usually comes to an end of set and when any of the team acquires 24 points.

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  1. Third Style – Final spurt

To work in this kind of the sports betting game system, you need to choose the live volleyball meeting where the current and the recent score offers one such sets such as 23:23 or it could also be 13:13. Now let us also remind that to win the online volleyball betting game, set one of teams must mainly be the initial one to easily score about 25 points (15 – for 5th set of the game), and also, advantage over losing your team should even be minimum of 2 points.

Bottom line

Volleyball Betting will surely help you win Big if you can bet smartly following the above strategies! Also don’t miss out on the Bonus/offers by BetDaddys to develop a fun & Earn environment for all its players.

Jan 17, 2022

Tennis tournaments are very popular throughout the year for at least 11 months, thus providing a large supply of games under which can be bet on and trade a pre-game and in-play. Betting markets are often liquid and lively and BetDaddys is the place where you will find extraordinary odds favoring the players.

Basic Tennis Betting Types

  • Match Winner : Which player will win the match.
  • Game handicap : This bet concerns the number of games each player will win in the match. One player is given a handicap and the punter has to decide if they will win more or less games than the other player with that handicap applied.
  • First set winner : Which player will win the first set.
  • Total number of games : This is an over/under market, where a line is given and a punter has to bet if there will be more or less games than that line.
  • Second set winner : Which player will win the second set.
  • Set Handicap : This bet concerns the number of sets each player will win in the match. A punter has to decide if a player will win a match by a clear number of sets or not.

BetDaddys special Bet types

Apart from the above 6 types, BetDaddys gives a lot more of options where players can explore more opportunities in betting and winning big money! Particularly on each set in each round.

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Sep 29, 2021

More and more players try out fantasy sports games in India. A report suggests that the number of Indian fantasy sports players has exploded from just 2 million in 2016 to a stunning 90 million in 2019 – a 212% annual growth.

But how does fantasy sports betting work? How to win big? Keep reading our complete guide to fantasy sports betting to master all the essentials!

What are fantasy sports contests?

Have you ever watched Virat Kohli play and wondered if you’ll ever become a part of the action? We’ve some excellent news for you!

In fantasy sports, you create a simulated team of actual players to compete against other managers for big winnings. The winners are determined based on statistical figures of athletes in each selected team.

Concerning the length of competitions, time varies depending on whether you’re partaking in a whole tournament or a one-day contest.

In addition, often, you might not need to form a whole squad as managers do in sports tournaments. Some contests you participate in will require fewer players than real-life teams lineup in each game.


What are the most popular fantasy sports?

To find out the most played fantasy sports in India, KPMG and IFSG conducted research. According to their findings, 71% of fantasy sports players play cricket, followed by fantasy football players with 54% of the total.

Additionally, about 75% of fantasy sports players practice their favorite games 1-3 times per week.


How to play fantasy sports on

To play a fantasy sports game of your choice, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Find your favorite fantasy sports game
  3. Build a team within the limits of the 100,000 virtual budget (the amount may vary depending on the contest)
  4. Pick a name and a structure for your team
  5. Pick the team captain (if you’re playing a classic football contest, the points of your captain will double)
  6. Click the Enter button (Please note that this step can’t be undone)


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